Apr 10, 2012

Taking orders for Longchamp Tote Bag!

Salam n Hi all,
Welcome to our Longchamp campaign 2012 :)

How to order

1. Please refer to photos in the album.
2. For more colours and designs please refer to http://www.longchamp.com/gb/le-pliage-women-10176.html and inform me the reference number together with colour.
3. Please atleast choose two colors in case the first choice is not available.
4. ONLY 30 orders will ...be accepted and 20 more will be in waiting list in case previous orders are not available.
5. 50% deposit is required to secure the bookings and receipt to be sent to nickila22@yahoo.com. All deposit will be refunded if items are not available. Bank info will be provided later.
6. Please leave comment/PM with these info-REFERENCE NUMBER, NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER.
7. Order will be closed on 15 April and you will received your LC in second week of May 2012.
8. Price as per listed. Please inform if reference number for your order is not in the list and I will quote accordingly.

Tote Bag, Small-Long Handle, Ref 2605089. RM 375

LC Tote Bag, Medium-Short Handle, Reference 1623089. RM 355

LC Tote Bag, Medium-Long Handle, Ref 1899089. RM 420

LC Short Handle-Ref 2704089 RM 320

LC Tote Bag, Large-Short Handle, Reference 1623089. RM 400

LC Tote Bag, Smal, Short Handle, Ref 1621089. RM 310

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Longchamp Campaign 2012